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Titanium Ti180 M484 Development Kit

AI chip on circuit board

Efinix TinyML Platform

Bringing hardware performance to TensorFlow Lite models running on the Efinix Sapphire RISC-V core. Learn how this intuitive design flow is bringing high performance AI models to mainstream FPGAs and edge applications. Read More >

Efinix FPGA AI Acceleration

FPGA AI Acceleration

Learn how Efinix FPGAs can help accelerate AI applications.
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Sammy Cheung, CEO Efinix

Efinix Overview

CEO Sammy Cheung introduces Efinix and explains the company's vision. Watch Video >

Smart Camera with sensor

Titanium Ti60: Ready for Vision

With flash and HyperRAM included in the package, the Ti60 F100 is a great solution for a variety of camera and sensor systems. Read More >

FPGA Families

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With up to 1 million logic elements, Titanium FPGAs bring high performance, high capacity, and low power to the mainstream market.

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Trion FPGAs are for general-purpose logic applications and span 4K to 120K logic elements.

Efinix Can Help You Accelerate Your Innovation

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation

Edge and IoT

Edge computing

Video Processing

Video camera

Consumer and AR/VR

Audio visual

Imaging and Displays




Efficient Solutions to Enable Your Success

At the heart of our FPGAs is our disruptive Quantum™ fabric, which delivers power, performance, and area advantages over traditional FPGA technologies. Our Titanium FPGAs are ready to unlock new applications and deliver rapid time to market for innovations in the mainstream marketplace. With densities ranging from 4K to 1 million logic elements (LEs), our FPGAs are ready to meet your next design challenge, whether it is custom logic, compute acceleration, machine learning, or deep learning.