Edge Vision SoC

Edge Vision SoC

Artificial intelligence (AI) and vision at the edge is an emerging domain that spans a wide range of applications such as automotive, industrial vision, retail, and robotics. The Efinix Edge Vision SoC framework, which uses a soft RISC-V SoC, facilitates faster time-to-market for edge vision applications. The Edge Vision SoC framework supports crucial domain-specific embedded software functions, hardware accelerator modules, memory and I/O related interfaces, peripherals, and controllers.

The Edge Vision SoC framework uses Quantum accelerators to facilitate hardware/software partitioning and achieve the desired performance. Within this framework, Efinix provides example designs for specific functions, such as video processing, AI object detection, machine learning, multi-camera fusion, etc.

Edge Vision SoC Framework

Edge Vision SoC Block Diagram

Edge Vision SoC Solution

Image Signal Processing Example Design Tutorial

Part 1: Demonstration

Part 2: Firmware

Part 3: RTL Design

Flash Read and Write

Dual-Camera Design