Consumer and AR/VR Solutions

Never has the pace of innovation in the consumer space been faster. Shortening design cycles and fierce competition for consumer market share have made custom silicon solutions less and less viable. This is particularly true in emerging consumer markets such as augmented and virtual reality where innovation from generation to generation is redefining what is possible in the space.

Manufacturers are competing to establish themselves as the market and thought leaders in the space to capture share and define their approach as the de facto standard. Rapid time to innovation with low power solutions deployable in volume are key in this space. Efinix® FPGAs are uniquely positioned to add value in this rapidly evolving market.

Increasingly consumer application leverage video and, in the case of AR/VR, many channels of video for real time positioning information as well as display and overlay information. The video capabilities of Efinix FPGAs with their hardened MIPI interfaces and dense compute capabilities make them an ideal choice for these applications.