Edge and Internet of Things Solutions

With the increased adoption of WiFi and the introduction of revolutionary wireless technologies such as 5G, there is no lack of data bandwidth right to the edge of the network. This, in turn, has led to an explosion in the number and diversity of connected devices.

From wireless video doorbells to voice activated personal assistants to connected refrigerators it seems that every consumer device is connected to the internet and promises some level of intelligence. All of these connected devices share similar design challenges. They must operate on low power and in a small footprint, be flexible enough to adapt to changing standards and evolving technologies, and must be released in a timely manner to guarantee their share of this rapidly evolving market.

The Quantum™ fabric lies at the heart of all Efinix® FPGAs and was designed from the ground up to deliver low-power operation with an area efficiency up to four times that of other FPGAs. The Trion® and Titanium families comprises FPGAs with as few as 4,000 logic elements all the way up to 1,000,000 LEs in the Ti1000. Their inherent area efficiency gives them a cost structure that can be taken into mass production ensuring a seamless transition from prototype to end product and a corresponding reduction in time to market. Hardened IP blocks such as MIPI for camera sensors reduces system bill of materials while the easily configured Quantum fabric delivers the compute power required for the most demanding artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.