Imaging and Display Solutions

With increasing sensor resolution and a proliferation of video and vision applications, the compute requirements for making sense of video data are increasing exponentially. From video pre-processing and enhancement to optimization for AI processing to smart displays and signage, the world has embraced the capabilities of modern day imaging technology.

Innovation in the space with more, larger resolution streams with greater bit depths has outpaced the ability of custom silicon solutions to keep pace. Increasingly designers are turning to the compute and video capabilities of FPGA to innovate in real time and stay ahead of their competition.

Digital signage is in a period of explosive growth. Whether it be the automotive industry that is rapidly replacing traditional gauges and providing rich, in-cabin entertainment or retail where dynamic signage is rapidly replacing traditional print signage in order to customize messaging to both location and shopper. These digital signage applications require compute resources to source and present the content but also to power the ever more complex, high resolution and in some cases, very large format displays. Efinix FPGAs are at the heart of this rapidly evolving space.