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A human reviews these registrations. The terms of our software license agreement require a valid name and contact information. If you do not enter it, we are unlikely to give you software access and your development kit will languish on your desk unused while we try to get in touch with you. Please be assured that we will not spam you or sell your information.

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Having problems with registering or finding the serial number?

  • The number one reason is that you have a typo in the serial number. For Efinix kits, the serial number starts with EFX and has letters and numbers after that. Please double check that you have the right number and try again.
  • For Xyloni, the serial number is on the bottom of the white paper box. If you bought the kit from Digikey, they might have put their sticker on top of the serial number. Try to peel their sticker off to see the serial number.
  • If that fails, send an email to support email and we can help you.

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