Trion™ FPGAs Are Ready

Trion FPGAs support a wide range of applications from easy-to-use consumer products to I/O intensive interfaces to complete system solutions. The Efinity® Integrated Development Environment fully supports Trion FPGAs. Learn more about Trion FPGAs

The Efinity design environment supports all Efinix FPGAs for design entry (RTL), synthesis, place and route (P&R), timing analysis, and bitstream generation. Read more about the Efinity software

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Simple, Easy-to-Use Solution

Trion T4, T8, T13, and T20 FPGAs in 49, 81, and 144 ball FineLine BGA packages are perfect for small factor, low power applications that require quick time to market. You can use them for mobile, IoT, wearables, connectivity for AR/VR, and other general consumer applications.

Easy to use application example

I/O Intensive Solution

The Trion T13, T20, T55, T85, and T120 FPGAs have many GPIO and LVDS pins, making them useful for high-bandwidth interface bridging and I/O expansion. These I/O-rich FPGAs support applications in broadcast, display, control, automation, and robotics.

Bridging Image Sensors and Processors

Complete System Solution

With a DDR3/LPDDR3 memory interface, MIPI interface, and a soft processor system (such as RISC-V), you can use Trion T13, T20, T35, T55, T85, T120, T165, and T200 FPGAs to build complete system solutions for applications like smart home products, surveillance cameras, professional cameras, and high-end intelligent systems. The Quantum core's fine grained architecture, which is at the center of Trion FPGAs, is perfect for building compute-intensive machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks. The T200, which has ample logic elements, DSP blocks, and on-chip RAM, can deliver 1 TOPS for CNN at INT8 precision and 5 TOPS for BNN.

Complete system solution example