Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit

Whether you are capturing video, aggregating sensor data, or designing for mobile or IoT applications, the Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit provides everything you need to get started quickly. Capture video with the included Raspberry Pi camera module, process it in the Ti60 FPGA, and then stream the result to the provided mini-DSI display. The camera and DSI converter daughter cards support up to 2 cameras or displays, respectively. The kit also includes an I/O expansion daughter card so you can connect to other components more easily. Learn more about Titanium FPGAs

With the development kit, you get a license for the Efinity® software with 1 year of upgrades. The Efinity software provides a complete tool flow from RTL design to bitstream generation, including synthesis, place-and-route, debugging, and timing analysis.


  • Ti60 FPGA in a 225-ball FineLine BGA package
  • 256 Mb HyperRAM memory with x16 bits, 200 MHz maximum clock rate, and up to 400 Mbps double-data rate
  • SPI NOR flash memory
  • Three MIPI, LVDS, and GPIO high-speed connectors to attach the daughter cards included in the kit or your own custom daughter cards
  • Micro-SD card slot
  • USB v3.0 interface and type-C connector
  • USB Type-C connector for programming the flash or Ti60 FPGA using the Efinity® software
  • 2 RGB LEDs
  • 4 User pushbutton switches
  • 2 User DIP switches
  • 25 MHz, 33.3333 MHz, and 74.25 MHz oscillators for PLL input
  • 12.0 V power supply connector

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Board

Titanium Ti60 F225 Board

Titanium Ti60 F225 Board Block Diagram

Titanium Ti60 F225 board block diagram

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit Contents

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit Contents

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit Demonstration Design Video

This video shows how to set up the Titanium Ti60 F225 development kit and run the example design that is pre-loaded on the board. The design outputs video to the Mini-DSI Panel, outputs video through a USB cable to a monitor, and reads SD card information.

Demonstration Design Block Diagram

Ti60 F225 Development Kit Demonstration Design Block Diagram

MIPI Virtual Channel Video

The MIPI virtual channel example design that demonstrates how the Titanium Ti60 FPGA can receive video data from a camera through a MIPI CSI-2 interface, process it, send and receive the data through a MIPI D-PHY loopback, re-process the data for video display, and then display the video stream on an LCD panel.

Virtual Channel Design Block Diagram

Example Design Block Diagram

What's in the Box

  • Titanium Ti60 F225 development board preloaded with a demonstration design
  • Mini-DSI Panel
  • Raspberry Pi v2 camera module
  • Mini-DSI Panel Connector Daughter Card
  • Dual MIPI to DSI Converter Daughter Card
  • Dual Raspberry Pi Camera Connector Daughter Card
  • MIPI and LVDS Expansion Daughter Card
  • 15-pin flat cable• USB type C cable
  • Power adapter
  • 10 standoffs, 10 screws, and 6 nuts
  • 18 jumpers
The power cable has a type A plug (U.S. style). You need an adapter to use it with other socket types.

Kit Documentation

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit Overview

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit User Guide

Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Board Schematics and BOM


Ti60 Data Sheet

Ti60 Pinout (.xlsx)

AN 033: Configuring Titanium FPGAs

Efinity Software

Titanium Interfaces User Guide

Efinity Software Installation User Guide

Efinity Software User Guide

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