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Titanium Data Sheets and Overview
Titanium Overview | 日本語v1.4Aug '21
Titanium Selector Guidev1.1Jan '22
Ti35 Data Sheetv1.5Jan '22
Ti60 Data Sheetv1.5Jan '22
Ti90 Data Sheetv1.2Jan '22
Ti120 Data Sheetv1.2Jan '22
Ti180 Data Sheetv1.2Jan '22
Efinity Software
Quantum Titanium Primitives User Guidev1.0Jun '21
Titanium Interfaces User Guidev1.1Nov '21
Titanium Pin and Package Information
Titanium Packaging User Guidev1.2Dec '21
Ti35 Pinout (.xlsx)v0.3Jan '22
Ti60 Pinout (.xlsx)v0.4Jan '22
Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit
Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit Overviewv1.1Jan '22
Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Kit User Guidev1.3Dec '21
Titanium Ti60 F225 Development Board Schematics and BOMv1.2Dec '21
Daughter Cards
Mini-DSI Panel Connector Daughter Cardv1.2Sep '21
Dual Raspberry Pi Camera Connector Daughter Card Schematics and BOMv2.1Sep '21
Dual MIPI to DSI Converter Daughter Cardv1.0Sep '21
Application Notes
AN 030: Using the Titanium Power Estimatorv1.0Oct '21
AN 033: Configuring Titanium FPGAsv1.5Jan '22
Titanium MIPI Utility (.xlsm)v1.0Dec '21
AN 037: Using the MIPI Virtual Channel Example Designv1.1Dec '21
AN 038: Programming with an MCU and the JTAG Interfacev1.0Nov '21
User Guides
Titanium MIPI Interface PCB Design User Guidev1.0Oct '21
White Papers
Why the XLR Cell Is a Big Dealv1.0Jun '21
Quality Assurance
Titanium Reliability Reportv1.0Jan '22
Customer Notifications
Customer Advisory ADV-2109-001 Advisory for Customers using Titanium Ti60 & Ti35 Rev A1 Partsv1.0Oct '21

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